What is your contact info?

My email is emily.mineralia@gmail.com. 

Are you a geologist?

No, the only credentials I have is that I am in the Geology Club at Temple University. However, I do have a huge passion for minerals!

Do you have a personal blog?

Yes. It is lavatramp.

Do you own any of the minerals you post?

No, the pictures I post are not mine, unless I specify that it is.

Where should I buy minerals at a reasonable price?

I’d suggest Dan Weinrich’s mineral auctions. Also make sure you check out my Mineralia Mine!

How do I search for specific minerals on your page?

My search box doesn’t work! I tried to mess around with theme to get it to work, but I couldn’t figure it out. In order to search for a specific mineral, for example, Tanzanite, you can type in:


How do you tag your posts?

I tag by mineral, locality, and sometimes by color!

Can you recommend any books on minerals?

Someone else also asked about this, and Mineral of the Day kindly gave me some book and website suggestions:

Smithsonian’s Rock and Gem by Ronald L. Bonewitz

Golden Field Guide’s Rocks and Minerals by Charles A. Sorrell

Smithsonian’s Rocks and Minerals by Chris Pellant